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Up Selling

12 Oct, 2018

Up selling is a common practice in the hobby and not one I'm very fond of.  I've listened to clients for many years now and upselling is often either a deal breaker or the reason he doesn't repeat.  No one likes to be treated like an ATM.  The gentlemen who choose to see YOU over the endless number of providers available deserves to be treated better and with much more respect.


The hobby is for enjoyment, on both parts.  If you're not enjoying your time, the hobby isn't for you and you need to either step it up or get out...that goes for provider or client. How enjoyable is it to stop the flow of the meeting to be asked for more funds or to have to choose what you want and pay for it and give up the natural flow of things?  Honestly, that would take away any intersted I had in the meeting.   


I find having the type of meeting I enjoy is what clients enjoy themselves. Relaxed in a clean and discreet enviroment, present with each other, sincerely and genually enjoy each other without restrictions or the client worring about what's included.  What should be included are the things the provider enjoys. You'll attract the right kind of clients by being yourself.  I don't do fake so if I'm not into something, we don't go there.  Being genuinie and respectful of yourself will show through your service, so will being fake just to make a buck.


The only time the donation should be thought of  is when the client arrives and puts the donation down.  Besides a gracious "thank you", that's all the time that should be spent on the donation.  The rest of the time is for mutual enjoyment.


I understand the thought process in upselling - "Get the guy there with a cheap rate, get his money and ask for more if he wants what he thought he already paid for"  This is dishonest and manipulative.  I didn't earn a reputation for being honest and straight with my clients by accident.  I earned it by being honest and straight.  Up selling isn't either. You may make a few extra bucks on that one meeting however, after experiencing ladies who don't upsell and not getting what he paid for in the first place, he's not going to come back for more up selling.   You're actully making less money and working harder to get more new clients, and scamming them.  I gurantee I work a lot less, less harder and safer than ladies who can't create a nice regular base due to their upselling. 


When a client sees me, the last thing we discuss is the donation.  We leave all businss at the door and just settle into being the people we are, get to know each other and go home happy.  I will never ask for more than the donation and I deliver as expected. My clients are NOT ATM machines, their humans and deserve to be treated as such.





Respect for Client's Time

28 Sep, 2018

As a provider, I require respect for my time and I will certainly respect your time. I've noticed that respect is not always practiced when it comes to our client's time.  If you really listen to you clients, what they like, don't like, their experiences and openions, you really learn a lot.  A reaccuring complaint I hear is their time being wasted.  I work with other providers to help them to increase their business or imporve it.  I try my best to help them understand, particuarly the new ones, how to not waste a client's time.


I'm not taking anything away from clients wasting a provider's time, that's just not what I'm blogging about here.


Respect is based on the law of exchange, you have to give it to get it.  You can't walk around being a disrespectful ass and expect respect in return. The Universe doesn't work that way.


When it comes to a client's time, we as providers need to make sure we're repecting their time as we want ours to be respected.  This of course means the basics, be punctual and communicate when that's not possible. This is common courtesy.


How about during the session?


Well, your client is looking for an experience and that's how the time should be spent.  This could mean differnt things for differnt clients.  What this does not mean is you answer your phone (ringer should be off), e mails, etc.  This is HIS time.  Give him all the time you agreed to.  Really enjoy the experience with him. Really, if you don't enjoy the hobby, it's not the place for you.  If you're upbeat and have the mindset that you're going to enjoy your time together, that will rub off on him.  No one wants to be with a Negative Nellie.


Don't dump your stress on him, ask him for favors, bad mouth other clients or providers or be insulting or rude.  I don't think I need to elaborate on this, this should be common sense.


I've heard a few stories where providers didn't leave on time or had a friend/driver/who ever lurking around, and sometimes showing up.  As providers, we want to respect his time as well as ours by leaving on time.  He was expecting to have completed the meeting at a certain time and has a life to get back to.


No gentleman wants to spend his time with you wondering why the same car keeps driving by his home or be surprised by your friend either showing up or arrving with you.  This is not what he had in mind when he chose to see you. Having somene linger like that can bring unwanted attention.  This isn't very discreet and will make him very uncomfortable.  That's not what he's paying for.


If you're not interested in how the client would like to spend his time, don't waste his time by seeing him or repeating the appointment. He will be able to pick up on that.  I see this as dishonest.  If I'm hiring an entertainer, I want them to enjoy their chosen occupation with me. I don't want to be treated like the next in line. It's no fun to be the only one into what you're doing.  He will appreciate your honesty and talk well of you later, that could send more clients your way.  If you know a provider who would enjoy what he's looking for, refer him to her!!!  That's great Karma and only helps out another provider as well as your client. 


Respect is a 2 way street.  Put yourself in the other person's shoes.  Talk to your clients, get to know them and how they like to spend their time with you.  Make adjustments to how you do things if you begin to hear the same complaints over and over again.  Be flexible and change with the tides.  


Respect isn't a hard thing to give.


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My Favorite Dates

07 Sep, 2018

A very common question I get is "Which dates have you enjoyed the most?"


That's a loaded question that takes an entire blog post to answer.


I don't have one favorite date or type of date.  I believe having fun starts with a mindset.  One of the reasons I keep my schedule light is so our time together is quality time. For this to happen, I need to mentally prepare for our time, as well as physically get ready.  I want to enjoy it as much as you do :)


I've had just as much fun in an hour meeting as I have had in an 8 hour meeting. The length of time really doesn't make a difference.


I love meetings with those who are intelligent and can get my wheels spinning. I can't tell you how many times I left a meeting and went straight home to research something.  I love to laugh, who doesn't?  Like any lady, I like being treated as such.  I am a bit old fashioned that way.  Chilvary is sexy.  It doesn't have to cost a dime, it's all in how your chose to treat others. I believe in treating you well in return. Making a connection with you and creating positive vibes through mutual fun is what I enjoy the most.


Dinner dates are always fun.  They really give us a chance to get to know each other.  It doen't matter to me if it's Shaw's Crab House or Applebees, enjoying each other is the goal.  I don't like to rush, I like to take our time and really enjoy every moment.  This helps to build antipation for after dinner ;)  There's nothing sexier than a gentleman that knows how to treat wait staff and other humans.  It makes being with you all the more special.  


Day long dates have been interesting to say the least.  I've been blessed to meet some people that are so much fun to be around.  I'm an avid hiker and was blessed with a hiking date.  We spent the day hiking, talking and exploring.  I was sore the next day as he's apparently more avid than I am!  :)  I've attended various types of conventions, corporate events, seminars, charity events etc. These experiences can really be mind opening.  I've had a few dates that included live music, I love music. As long as we're both willing, fun will be had!!!


I can go on about the types of dates I like. I think you get the picture. Any date that includes mutual fun is my favorite. It all starts with our mindset :)


Of course private time is always awesome.  I'm not blogging about it because I don't kiss and tell :) 


420, Drugs and Alcohol

07 Sep, 2018


The hobby is for enjoyment, casual fun without commitment or strings attached. How we have that fun is a personal choice of each individual.  As long as you're not hurting anyone, do what you want.  When it comes to 420, harder drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol, I do have my opinions.


420 - As a Courtesan I don't care if you indulge when we're at your place.  I do not allow it at mine. I don't mind if you come to my place on it, just use common sense when you drive. I do feel it should be decriminalized everywhere and I see it as a medicine and recrational plant.  It's medicine for many.


Alcohol - I have no problem if you enjoy a drink or a few, as long as you don't get drunk.  I want to have a nice, memorable evening with you, I don't want to babysit a drunk.  I don't drink, I've never had a problem with alcohol.  I'm just into wellness so it doesn't fit my lifestyle.  I don't judge those who enjoy alcohol, to each their own.


Street Drugs - I've never touched them.  If you show up with them or on them, I'm not touching you either.  Coke, Heroine, whatever else you chose to lower yourself to, it's not welcome in my world.  If you have an issue with any of these, please get help.  You were not put on this planet to waste away like that, there's so much more to you.


Prescription Drugs - My feelings are the same as above, if you're abusing them, don't see me.  Get yourself some help.  Just because a drug is from a doctor doean't mean it's safe to abuse and isn't destroying your insides and your mind. 


It blows my mind how often I get offered these things for payment.  Being on drugs is so common these days that people just offer them to you on the assumption you do them.  Living a life you enjoy is so much better than wasting away.  Spending time with me will make you forget all about any substance ;)


Naked Dic Pics

18 Aug, 2018





Through the years I have received a ton of dic pics and naked guys pics.  I've never really understood what response the senders were trying to get out of me. Am I supposed to look at a random winkie and think "Hmmm, I gotta see that guy right now!" or "Wow, a naked guy, we'll just skip screening and meet at the local Motel 6"  


What am I supposed to do with all these pictures?  Make a Johnson collage to hang in my bedroom?  Put them in a folder on my computer in order of shape and size?  I normally just delete them.  I just have no idea what the vaule is there.  


There isn't a naked pic that turns me on.  It takes more than that.  It does lower your changes of seeing me, I normally put these guys on my "no" list.  I just can't get myself to be impressed by something so mindless.  Many of my clients are very impressive, they are much more than their willie.


I understand men are visiual however, I am not.  Looks are great however, if that's all you have, it's empty.  There's nothing there.  I want to spend my time with gentlemen that are so much more than thier schlong.  Just like some gentlemen like a complete package, so do I.  


There are a small handful of gentlemen that feel a naked or dic pic should be enough for screening.  I'm not sure where the logic is here.  The ability to stand in frot of your bathroom mirror and take a pic of yourself really doesn't tell me what I need to know for screening.  


Naked and dic pics are creepy.  I want to know YOU.  If I'm creeped out for any reason, I'm not going to see you.  Pecker pics are never neccessary. When I see naked pics and dic pics, I see the picture above...Creepy guy.  Don't be creepy guy.  







How I Stay In Shape and Balance

16 Aug, 2018

I've been asked by quiet a few wonderful people to blog about how I stay in shape, look young and vibrant, have immense energy and drive and stay in balance and in a good mood.  I'm happy to blog about this as wellness is a passion of mine.  Be forewarned, I'm not the typical "I count calories and exercise" person.  I dive deeper than that.


My looks and state of mind are the result of a balanced lifestyle.  I see myself as more than my looks, my mind and soul are also in great shape (most of the time). This takes work, dedication and an open mind.  I live by the 80/20 rule, 80% good stuff, 20% not so good stuff. I don't believe in being perfect as I don't believe perfection exists. Here are some of the things I do:


It all Starts in my head.  One of the Universal Laws is Mentalism, everything starts in the mind.  I meditate, often by a lake or ocean or out in nature.  Keeping a peaceful, calm, motivated mindset is my catalyst to health and balance.  I don't watch mainstream TV or mainstream news.  I do enjoy a good documentary, comedy movie or comedians (laughing is healing) or anything I can learn from. I'm an avid reader, I love nonfiction I can learn and grow from.  What I feed my mind makes a difference in my state of being. 


A lifestyle that fits our desires is neccessary to manifest those desires.  I live a very mindful lifestyle.  Through out my day, I ask myself "Is the highest and best use of my time"  I don't drink or do drugs, they cloud the mind.  I've never really been a big drinker, just socially.  I've since lost interst in drinking all together. It's amazing what we can accomplish when our mind is in balance and clear.  


I don't believe in diets, I believe in lifestyle, that gives easier and lasting results. I don't count calories, I count nutrients.  I really have no idea how many calories I eat in a day. I'm sure it varies.  I'm a vegan and I eat only organic and non gmo food. I eat often through the day.  I prepare most of my meals myself or go to restuarants that offer what I eat.  It's getting easier and easier to find such places. Again, perfection isn't what's important, it's 80/20.  I do occasionally visit my local frozen yogurt place or enjoy a cookie or 2.  It's all about balance.


I drink alkaline water all day, it's almost all I drink.  I do enjoy a good smoothie on occasion.  If I'm in a restaurant, I'll put lemon in my water to make it alkaline. I'm often offered regular water when visiting someone or at a social gathering. I'll drink it.  I'll just balance it out with alkaline water and alkaline food.  


I'm very active.  I hike 2 to 5 times a week.  I run and do yoga every morning.  I visit the gym when the weather isn't cooperating or I just feel I need to get some strength training in.  I love to swim.  Besides my morning run and yoga, I don't keep a strict workout schedule or routine.  There's really nothing routine about me.  I just do what I enjoy.  I'm naturally athletic and active, I'm told I was born that way :)


I avoid low frequency nonsense.  I don't do drama or gossip about others.  None of us are perfect so no one has the right to point fingers.  I will simply walk away. I refuse to talk bad about others, that's not good for the Karma.  I don't hang around people who involve themselves in nonsense.  I prefer people that lift others up, inspire me, grow me, teach me.  I hope I can do the same for others. I do enjoy stimulating, intelligent, mind opening conversation.  


I manage my peeps.  I make sure I'm surrounded only by people who want to see me succeed and work hard at their own success.  We become like the 5 people we're aroud the most.  Those people need to be good for me and I them.  I don't get close to anyone who has energy I don't like or is OK with hurting otheres or bringing them down.  We're all on this planet together, lifting others up only benefits humanity.  


Time management.  Family can keep us busy and so can a few other things in life. I do my best to manage my time well.  When things do get busy against my will, I don't like it.  I hate rushing around or hurring up to get something done.  It's not a healthy state to be in. 


I'm my own doctor.  I practice holistic heath and natural medicine.  I don't believe in uncurable di ease, only medically uncurable.  I don't see medical doctors (unless I cut off an arm or break a bone or something to that extent).  I don't take pharmacuticles, I take thier natural equalivent if needed.  How can man think he can make better meds than Gaia?  


I avoid stress as much as possible and manage the stress I have.  I live a wonderful lifestyle below my means.  I don't over schedule myself or worry about what doesn't matter.  Stress can kill.  


Knowledge is power, the lack of knowledge is the lack of power.  I love to learn, grow and see just how far I can go during my time on this planet.  I love my life and being well and in balance.  I love that my body is toned and strong.  I love the freedom to live life as I see best for me.  I love life beause I created the life  I love :)


When you're living right, no extra work is needed to look good, you just naturally do.  




Screening SItes...Use With Caution

05 Aug, 2018



Lately I'm seeing a lot of websites that offer screening thorugh thier sites and whitelists.  These sites mean well and they have a nice idea however, I use them in additon to my own screening, never as a subsitiute.  I will never use that type of screening alone, other methods will always be used.  Recently I had a gentleman get very upset with me because I wouldn't see him on a handle and on an advertising site that offers a list of his references.  (This was NOT P411)  This is a good start however, it does NOT give me enough info through screening to feel safe seeing you.  


I don't know what kind of "screening", if any a website does.  White lists are grossly abused, a large number of the gentlemen on there didn't even see the ladies that whitelisted them.  There are laides out there that will whitelist gentlemen they never seen in exchange for a good review or a few bucks.  I'll look at a whitelist however, I'm not nieve enough to see someone simply because he's whitelisted.  I've been offered good reviews and money to whitelist someone I've never seen.  Doing so will cost me my dignity.  I won't ever risk the safety of others for a measly review or a few dollars.  


I never see someone simply because some website says they screened them.  I have no idea what this "screening" consists of.  I practice personal responbility when it comes to my own well being. Depending on some site to throughly screen for me and I do no other screening is just nieve and lazy.  The new sites in particular offering screening just don't get my trust.  Some of them are great sites, just not good for screening.  


There are a few sites I use becasue their screening sites, not a new site trying to do and be everything.  However, I still do my own screening.  P411 is great.  I do other screening in additon to P411.  RS-AVS is also awesome however, I do other screening in additon to them.  These 2 sites are the only ones whose screening I take seriously besides the blacklists and I still do additional screening.  


Website handles are easily faked and I've came accross quite a few gentlemen who have multiple handles on the same site.  It's not hard to get on most sites. The easier the hobby site is to get on, the less reliable it is.  If you're on a site that is OK with just a handle and nothing else, chances are the screening part of that site is useless.  Reviews and whitelists are often fake, exchanged for free services or a lower rate or used for blackmail.


There are too many tools out there for providers to be able to properly screen that none of us need to accept the higher risk of seeing someone on a handle and some website's screening.  The risk is just too great.  I have a life to live, I deserve to do whatever screening I see neccessary for my own well being. 


I understand this isn't the level of safety many hobbiest play one. As mentioned above, I had someone upset with me because I wouldn't see him on a handle and references on a website alone (not P411).  He felt that since I'm on that site, their screening should be enough and no additional info is needed.  How am I supposed to know that handle belongs to him, he's safe and he actually saw those ladies? Even P411 had ladies giving OKs without ever meeting the guy. This isn't P411's fault or any website's fault.  I know P411 takes action when they relaize this is being done, not all websites do.  I notice some of the newer sites that offer screening have a larger number of guys that are blacklisted on them.  This makes me wonder what "screening" are they doing when a simple blacklist search will reveal these guys as dangerous. 


The bottome line is screening and my safety are my personal responbility and it's my job to do as I see fit to protect myself.  If that upsets someone, so be it.  At the end of the day, I have a life to live and I'm not willing to risk that for any reason.







Racism is Mindless

19 Jul, 2018




We've all see the ads that say "No AA" or "White Men Only" and other things to that effect. To each their own however, you won't ever see such things in my ads.


I don't do racism.  I'm not racist and I don't fight that demon.  I simply don't involve myself in it in any way.  Resistence makes stronger. If I choose to fight racism, I feed it.  Fighting only creates the negative energy it needs to survive.  Racism isn't a natural thing, not what we're put on this planet for.  I believe to change the world, we need to change ourselves.  I don't allow racism in my world and I don't give it attention when it looks my way.  My thoughts and actions do not play well with racism so it can not thrive in my world.


I don't believe skin color tells me a darn thing about a person.  Not one thing.  Their energy does.  I look at it in a logical way.  I don't know every human in any given group so how can I apply a certain trait, attitude, lifestyle, etc. on all of one group when I don't know them all?  I can tell you I don't want to be in the same league as some people with my skin color (I'm not all white).  Some people with the same skin color as me aren't that great, others are awesome and there's everything in between.  None of it has anything to do with me.  How can I look at a Mexican, Canadian, African American, Indian, Native American, etc. and think I know anything about them because of how they look?  That's pure ingorance as far as I'm concerned.  It also eliminates the posibility to get to know some pretty amazing people.  I've been blessed with great people in my life and I'm not willing to give them up over such minor differences that don't make a difference.


There are bad people out there however, eliminating an entire group of people over mindless racist beliefs also eliminates good people and great clients.  The Universe will give me exactly what I asked for and I won't be happy with that choice.  I have wonderful clients that come in a rainbow of colors.  Choosing to be racist would have eliminated the opportunity to get to know these people, spend time with them, learn from them and create wonderful provider/hobbiest relationships.  When I look at what I would have to give up to participate in the ugliness of racism, not one thing looks appealing.  It doesn't serve me, my clients, or the Universe.  It creates negative energy and steals joy and happiness.  It requies a small mind and even smaller intelligence.  There is no benefit in racism.  


We are all on this planet together, we are all earthlings.  Racism only exists in our worlds if we allow it.  In my openion, if I allowed it in my life, I would be lowering myself to something mindless and that doesn't serve me.  It serves no one.  The best way to get rid of suck dark, negative energy is to starve it of attention. Without human attention, it can't possibly live.  











I Have No Competiton

15 Jul, 2018


Competiton causes us to compare.  There's no good in that. There's no place for authenticity.  It's too limiting. 


I don't compete in any part of my life, I don't see the point.  Competition creates seperation and gets me focused on what someone else is doing.  That's time and energy I could be useing to focus on the things I can control...myself.  Competiton creates winners and losers.  I don't believe that concept.  In my world, anyone who is choosing to work every day to be the best person they can is a winner.  It doesn't matter where the next person is on their path, what matters is improvement, effort, attitude, and doing what it takes to step up without hurting or taking from anyone.  Competition will never allow me to be my greatest version, only better than the person I'm competing with.  That doesn't allow for me to grow to my fullest potentinal. I don't like the limited mindset competiton requires. 


As far as the hobby goes, I don't see other ladies as competiton.  I see them as either my allies or neutal.  There's some really great ladies in this hobby that have a lot to offer other ladies and are very generous with thier knowledge and time.  During this last shake up in the hobby, I got some great guidance and infomation from my fellow providers and had the opportunity to share what I know. Some of these ladies I didn't know, I never knew existed until I put up a post or sent an e mail on the advice of another in the hobby. Others I knew. We are all in this together and unity is what keeps us safe, informed and growing.  Lifting each other up and supporting each other only gives us more of what we need.  Competition does not offer this. 


I myself got busy when the shake up happen.  I had ladies contacting me for advice and assistance in adjusting.  I myself was also adjusting.  I met with everyone I could to help lift them up and share what I know.  It feels really good to give someone a tool or advice that resionates with them.  A nice conversation over lunch with a like minded individual is priceless.  The best part to all of this is even though I was meeting ladies who came to me for help, I always walked away learning something myself.  These ladies helped me more than they will ever know. Everyone I meet has a lesson for me.  It may be minor such as a piece of advice or something game changing, it doesn't matter. It's all a blessing.


When it comes to the hobby, I believe there is no safety in competition.  Something that causes us to have "them and us" thinking and ecnourages seperation, keeps us from connecting not only with each other but with ourselves as well. Unity helps to keep us all safe, communicating and sharing info. The Universal Law of Diving Oneness says we are all connected, we are all one.  What we do can effect others and the Universe.  When we realize we are all connected, we make better choices.   


The Universal Law of Cause and Effect are at work here.  Better knowledge can cause us to make better decisions and effect the way we go about things. It can help us imporve ourselves as people, providers and whatever else we choose to be.  There is a cause for every effect and effect for every cause.  There is no such thing as chance.  


The Universal Law of Attraction is at work here a well.  We attract what we are, what we think.  When we adopt a mindset of helping others and lifting others up, that is what will come back to us.  If we compete, see others as a threat or someone or something we need to be better than or somehow out do, that is what comes back to us.  A life of competition, in my openion, is stressful, limiting and keeps from connecting with others.  Why compete?  Where is the prize?  Why would I choose to attract more and more competiton into my life?  That just sounds too stressful and way too limiting. 


The best thing we can do for our own growth is to become better than we were yesterday and lift others up.  Don't participate in competition, that's for those who accept limits in their lives, you can't have competiton without limited thinking.  We need to grow our minds and think beyond competition.  That's where the good stuff is.


I have no competiton, I have allies or those who I see as neutral.  It doesn't matter how they see me, that's their own path.  Competiton has no place in the world of Becca :)





08 Jul, 2018

My thoughts on reviews are differnt than most providers.  I've been around since 2006, have reviews going back to 2007 and I've seen a heard a lot.


I believe that reviews are a decent tool for gentlemen however, their not solid sources of information and are often fake, exaggerated or written as part of some kind of deal or threat. A few months ago there were people offering to write reviews under various TER handles for $100 to $175. Lots of ladies took advantage of this dangerous and disgusting offer.  Reviews should never be your only source of info.  I use reviews to verify ladies before asking them for a reference.  If their reviews seem to be off, I don't accept a reference from that particular provider.  


As mentioned above, ladies can "buy" fake reviews.  Others make fake accounts acting like clients and write their own fake reviews.  I've been offered reviews instead of screening.  I've also been asked for a discount more times than I can count for a discount for writing a reviews. I find bartering with reviews tasteless and classless.  Fake reviews are rampid and very easy to either buy or write yourself.  


There are a handful of boys (these are NOT men and calling them boy is giving them too much credit) That use reviews for manipulation or to get something out of a provider she doesn't offer or to control her in any way.  I've been threatened with fake reviews quite a bit through the years.  Some examples are:


"Lower your rate and see me or I'll write a bad review"


"Do this act you don't offer or I'll write a bad review"


"Don't come to my city or I'll write a bad review"  (Back Page "Agency")


"See me without screening or I'll write a bad review"


You get the idea.  


The idea here is to make me think that some dude with a computer has the power to hurt my business.  Here's a new flash for them:




Noone in the hobby has the power to ruin me or other providers with fake reviews.  If a prodvider's business fails, it will take a hell of a lot more than some bad reviews.  


Reviews, in my humble openion and in my experience, should be taken with a grain of salt and should never be your only resource when researching a provider.


On a peronal note, I won't be contrlled by any theats.  I didn't thrive in this hobby as long as I have by reacting to threats.  I've had pleanty of them.  I know how to handle them and squash them just as quickly as they come my way.  I have found that sites like TER take these things seriously.  I believe it's impossible for them or any review site to avoid the fake and exaggerated reviews.  Simply e mailing them about the threat along with the e mail or text messages if you have them stops bad reviews from being posted, from my experience with TER


I like to keep things real and honest.  Every one of my reviews were written because the client decided to write them.  I don't do "review specials" and I've never, not once, asked a client to write a review. I didn't know I had reviews until about a year after the first one was written.  I'm a very real person.  I take pride in all I am.  I don't do fake or ask for reviews because to me, that takes away from the authencity of the review and of myself.





Cancellation Policy...I don't have one.

06 Jul, 2018



Life happens and changes our plans at times.  We can't control factors outside of ourselves however, we can choose how to handle them when they get in the way.  I never really like cancelling a commitment, it doesn't matter if it's in the hobby or personal life, I simply don't like doing it.  


When someone cancels on me, I practice compassion and respect.  I appreciate him letting me know and I'm willing to schedule again when he's ready.  None of my hobby freinds will ever get an attitude from me for having to cancel.  They also will never be asked to pay a cancellation fee.  I don't see the purpose in punishing someone for cancelling a meeting.


When someone chooses to see me, I want them to have a great time, I want to have a great time and I want him to come back.  If our meeting gets cancelled before we meet in person, I want the gentleman to feel comfortable rescheduling with me. I want my regulars to feel comfortable rescheduling.   


If I charged cancellation fees, I'm asking a gentleman to pay for something he didn't receive.  Who is going to want to come back or reschedule with me if their risking having to pay a cancellation fee?  I certainly won't come back for that if it were me.  I've had to cancel in the past and I never paid a cancellation fee.  I also appreciated the understanding of others.


I have a few clients that have personal circumstances or occupations that could cause them to cancel.   Doctors, those with ill family members, those running certain businesses, etc. often get called away at a moment's notice.  These gentlemen seem to appreicate my understanding.  As a result they don't get called away very often and we have a wonderful time.  When they do, they normally reschedule.  It's all good in my book. 


Collecting a cancellation fee is a battle I don't choose.  There are a few gentlemen that will pay it.  Others will just ignore it.  I really don't want to spend my time messaging you to pay a cancellation fee. That's going to bring negative energy, put me in a negative state of mind that does no one any good as well as keep gentlemen from seeing me again. Even if someone paid the cancellation fee, it will be a lot less than if he saw me in the future and paid my regular rate.  What's the up side to a cancellation fee? I can't find one.  


I believe in the Golden Rule and the Universal Law of Exchange.  I treat otheres as I want to be treated, with respect, kindness, understanding, compassion, etc.  I don't take without giving.  I keep myself and my life in balance.  In my openion, collecting a cancellation fee while giving nothing in return is out of balance. It won't feel right. It's no good for my Karma and brings me negative energies as well as hurts my hobbying experience. Structuring my life so that little things like a cancellation are no big deal really helps to keep things positive.  


Don't get me wrong, I won't let myself be used or abused.  If someone abuses my kindness, I still won't hit them with a cancellation fee.  I'll simply stop scheduling with them.  I wont be disrespectful or mean to them.  I will simply stop the abuse.  


It's amazing how little I get cancellations.  Choosing to do right by others really brings good things.  The hobby is no exception.




Gifts and Tips

17 Jun, 2018


Every now and then I get asked where to find on my website what I would like for a gift. My website has no such page.  I'm not putting anyone down for doing so, we all do things our own ways within our own belief systems and comfort zone.  This is just MY thoughts on the subject.


When someone chooses to buy me a gift, it means so much more when they do so on their own without being prompted.  The gift itself isn't as important to me as someone deciding on their own to go out of their way to spend their time, effort and money to buy me something not expected.  The thought is priceless.  The actual cost of the gift or what it is doesn't matter.


I'm 44, have done great in the hobby the past 11 years and I have just about every material thing I want.  I'm not rich nor is it important form me to be. I dont care about designer clothes, expensive purses with some dude's name I don't know on it or anythin else.  I'm just not a materialistic person.  What matters to me these days is meeting great people and having a nice time with them. Experiences are so much more important, connecting with someone, learning from them, sharing, and when we go our seperate ways, us both feeling great with happy memories.  This is where the value is and you can't buy it.  


I feel the same way about tips. Like gifts, their appreciated in the same way.  


If I ask for a gift, it just won't have the same meaning.  If I get picky about a gift, it takes the value and specialness away no matter what that gift costs.


I don't think more of someone who buys me a gift or gives me a tip and I certainly don't think less of someone who doesn't.  I care about the person you are and our time together.  Gifts and tips are flattering and appreciated but never expected.  I don't want a gentleman to feel he's obligated to buy me something.  I expect nothing outside of my rate. 




What I mean when I say I'm 'low volume"

16 Jun, 2018


We see the phrase "low volume" in a lot of provider ads. I've even been asked by my potentional clients if I'm "low volume".  I always say yes, however, one person's idea of being low volume may not be the same at the next person's.  


So...when I say I'm low volume, what do I mean and how is that different from other providers?


Well, I can't speak for other providers and I never speak negatively about them (unless someone is dangerous) however, I can speak for myself. When I say I'm low volume when not touring, I have 1 meeting a day, 2 to 3 times a week. That's it. When on tour, I will have 1 meeting in the morning/afternoon and 1 in the evening.  They are hours apart.  


I do nothing I don't enjoy and the hobby is not exception.  If I were high volume, I would't be at my best, my energy would be low and I wouldn't enjoy what I do. I wouldn't feel fresh, clean and ready for a great time.  That just takes away from my quality of life. As a client, you work hard for your money and deserve the best. I like to be at my best...freshly showered, in a good minset, exercise and good food before our meeting, high energy, alert and ready for a great time.  I want you to feel you got good quality for your money.  The only way to truly achieve this is to be good quality.  


As much as I want you to walk away feeling like you had a great time and got your money's worth, I want to walk away feeling like I had a great time also.  If this ever stops being fun, I will stop doing it.  I love the feeling after a meeting...graditude, relaxed, happy, often doing web searches because something during our conversation caught my interest.  I don't know how many times I've walked away from a meeting feeling like I learned or realized something.  I keep an open mind and don't judge. Judgement stops growth. 


In my world, low volume brings higher quality.  This is why I don't offer 15 minute or half hour meetings.  The service I provide can't be done in such a short period of time.  Some things are just more important than the money.  Growth, respect, happiness and doing what we enjoy are just a few. 


There is no escape from Karma.  Karma doesn't judge or care about what man made nonsense is said or believed.  Karma simply gives us what we are.  If I did't give the best experience I can to those who so kindly choose to see me, that could back to me in other ways besides not having repeat clients.  


Low volume works the best for me :)


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11 Jun, 2018

I see Karma as something to be respected and a personal responbility. Karma isn't something we can escape.  Karma doesn't judge, it just gives us what we put out into the Universe.  The hobby is no exception.


It's very important to me to keep my Karma clean.  When it comes to the hobby, I do this in many ways.  My ads respresent me, my pictures are current, me and what you see when I arrive.  I play no games.  I do not misrepresent myself, my looks, what I offer or anything else in my ads.  I'm respectful of other people's homes when I'm in them.  I'm responsible for what I say and how I represent myself.  I see no benefit in misrepresenting myself and, really, I have no reason to.  I want to attract the tye of gentlemen I like to spend time with. Honesty is the only way to do that.


When I answer messages or communicate with another human, I'm respectful and nonjudgemental.  If someone is rude or disrespectful, I respectfully ignore them.  I don't lower myself to an arugement or trying to get the last word or come up with the best comeback. This serves no one.  I simply respectfully ignore those who can't practice the Golden Rule.  I have no time for negative nonsense.  


During my meetings, I'm all about having a great time together, just us two.  A great time brings clean and positibe Karma.  Happiness and Joy are so good for our souls and creating that with another person is an amazing experience.  I love to leave people feeling better than when I arrived.  I'm honest, sincere and respectful of who you are, how you feel and the fact that you set aside time for us to be together. After each meeting, when I leave or right after you leave, I take a moment, breathe and say thank you for the time we just had.  I'm grateful for every person who has chosen to spend their time with me. 


It doesn't matter if it's within the hobby or in personal life, Karma is always at work.  It's something we need to keep clean as much as we can.  How I treat others determines what comes back to me.  Karma doesn't judge and isn't concerned with man made beliefs or ideas of what's right and wrong or good and bad. None of that effects Karma. Karma also doesn't do excuses. How I choose to treat others, regardless of the situation, is also how I choose what comes back to me.  Each person is in full control of their lives and Karma.  It's a personal responbility :)





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What does it mean to be "discreet"?

05 Jun, 2018

Discreet is a word we all see in the hobby.  We see it mentioned in forum posts, personal e mails and in provider ads.  I've been known to put that word in ads myself.  It all sounds good however, what exactly does it mean to be "discreet"?


I can't speak for other providers however, I can tell you what I mean when I tell you I'm discreet. 


1. What happens between us stays between us.  I don't talk about you or our time together.  I've earned the trust of my clients and I would never violate that trust.


2. My in call locations are clean and upscale.  I'm very low volume so there is never a number of clients before you that know where we're meeting. I switch locations often and I'm very low volume.


3. I don't save or share your screening info.  Afeter I complete the screening I have no reason to keep any of your info.  I delete everything.  I don't want to be responsible for someone else's information.  


4. I behave myself.  I do anything that will draw unwanted attention.


5. When I come to you, I'm properly dressed and behave myself as to now draw unwanted attention.


6. I will never contact you unless ask to.  I'm not interested in causing possible problems for anyone.  


Your comfort is just as important as mine. If we can't have trust and discression, niether one of us can completely relax and enjoy our time together.  



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26 May, 2018



Welcome to my blog!!  I plan on blogging on a regular basis so I hope you come back soon!!  


I'm happy to take suggestions so if there's something you would like me to share my opinion on, please send message me and let me know :)


This website is a work in progress so please be paitent with any flaws you might see.  This is my first time doing this on my own, I'm pretty happy with my progress so far.  


I'll start the serious blogging in a few days.  For now, I'm going to work on improving this website :)


I plan on updating the pictures on my website on  a regular baisis.  I use new pictures weekly in my ads as well.