Cancellation Policy...I don't have one.

06 Jun, 2020



Life happens and changes our plans at times.  We can't control factors outside of ourselves however, we can choose how to handle them when they get in the way.  I never really like cancelling a commitment, it doesn't matter if it's in the hobby or personal life, I simply don't like doing it.  


When someone cancels on me, I practice compassion and respect.  I appreciate him letting me know and I'm willing to schedule again when he's ready.  None of my hobby freinds will ever get an attitude from me for having to cancel.  They also will never be asked to pay a cancellation fee.  I don't see the purpose in punishing someone for cancelling a meeting.


When someone chooses to see me, I want them to have a great time, I want to have a great time and I want him to come back.  If our meeting gets cancelled before we meet in person, I want the gentleman to feel comfortable rescheduling with me. I want my regulars to feel comfortable rescheduling.   


If I charged cancellation fees, I'm asking a gentleman to pay for something he didn't receive.  Who is going to want to come back or reschedule with me if their risking having to pay a cancellation fee?  I certainly won't come back for that if it were me.  I've had to cancel in the past and I never paid a cancellation fee.  I also appreciated the understanding of others.


I have a few clients that have personal circumstances or occupations that could cause them to cancel.   Doctors, those with ill family members, those running certain businesses, etc. often get called away at a moment's notice.  These gentlemen seem to appreicate my understanding.  As a result they don't get called away very often and we have a wonderful time.  When they do, they normally reschedule.  It's all good in my book. 


Collecting a cancellation fee is a battle I don't choose.  There are a few gentlemen that will pay it.  Others will just ignore it.  I really don't want to spend my time messaging you to pay a cancellation fee. That's going to bring negative energy, put me in a negative state of mind that does no one any good as well as keep gentlemen from seeing me again. Even if someone paid the cancellation fee, it will be a lot less than if he saw me in the future and paid my regular rate.  What's the up side to a cancellation fee? I can't find one.  


I believe in the Golden Rule and the Universal Law of Exchange.  I treat otheres as I want to be treated, with respect, kindness, understanding, compassion, etc.  I don't take without giving.  I keep myself and my life in balance.  In my openion, collecting a cancellation fee while giving nothing in return is out of balance. It won't feel right. It's no good for my Karma and brings me negative energies as well as hurts my hobbying experience. Structuring my life so that little things like a cancellation are no big deal really helps to keep things positive.  


Don't get me wrong, I won't let myself be used or abused.  If someone abuses my kindness, I still won't hit them with a cancellation fee.  I'll simply stop scheduling with them.  I wont be disrespectful or mean to them.  I will simply stop the abuse.  


It's amazing how little I get cancellations.  Choosing to do right by others really brings good things.  The hobby is no exception.