Clearing Up the Confusion

05 Jun, 2020

Life has changed in some awesome ways, I can honestly say I'm truly blessed :)


This wonderful life change has created some last minute changes in how I do things within this wonderful hobby we're all a part of.  These changes came abruptly and I rescheduled my upcoming tours.



Here's how I'm operating these days:


I'm going to tour the first week of every month.  I've limited my cities to St. Louis, Kansas City, Houston, Sedona and Phoenix. Some of them will be UTR, some will not.  As I progress, more and more will be UTR.


The remainder of the month I'm available for out call in Milwaukee, MKE, Madison, N. Illinois and O'Hare.


I still have only one meeting a day, that will never change :)


I'm still available to travel within the United States to see you :)  I love to travel!!


Please visit my "Rates" tab for full details.


You're welcome to contact me with any questions :)