05 Jun, 2020

When you see me, there is a certain equiette you can expect as I conduct myself with class, dignity and respect.  My Karma is very important to me so I do all I can to keep it positive.  I do believe what we put out into the world comes back to us.  The Golden Rule is a way of life for me.


When we meet in your home, I arrive in a vehicle that won't get your neighbor's attention and I don't have my radio blasting.  I'm dressed to blend in. I drive as I should and if you asked me to park in a certain area, I do so.  When I come in, I respect your home as I do mine.  I take off my shoes, espically if the weather is bad.  I don't touch anything, I have no reason to.  I don't wonder around your home or go in rooms or areas that I have no business to.


I take pride in the fact that I'm trustworthy in anyone's home.  I've even been left alone in homes when a run to the ATM was needed.  I've been left alone in areas of homes while the gentleman stepped out for a phone call.  I've been asked to go in and make myself comfortable because the gentleman wasn't sure if he will be a few minutes late and left the door unlocked for me.  I've been left with wallets, computers, and other expenstive things in hotel rooms while the gentlemen stepped into the restroom.  The bottom line here is you can trust me in your home and around your things.


I don't overstay my welcome.  We all have lives and responbilities.  I have a great appreciation for anyone who takes time out of their busy schedule to see me.  I'm going to respect your time and not stay past our agreed on time. I will, however, stay the entire agreed upon time, unless you kick me out early :)


My wellness is my number one priority in life so I don't abuse my body with drugs and alcohol. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. You'll never have to worry about substances being brought into your home or sitting outside in my car. You can expect me to not only look great but have a clear and sober mind as well.  I don't need to use substances to see you.  I truly enjoy what I do.  I show up sober, in a good mood and ready for a wonderful time with you.


When I tour, I offer in calls however, not just any in call location will do.  I prefer nicer areas, you won't see me in a high crime area or anyplace that isn't nice.  When I'm in a hotel, I use 3 stars or better.  The place has to be clean, well reviewed and big.  Big isn't always easy to find so I get the biggest available to me.  I see only 1 person a day so no one was ther before you that day.  When I use a house, apartment, condo, etc, I rent them myself.  I make sure we have our privacy and you have a place to park.  My requirements are as high as they are for hotels.  No place I rent has a lot of traffic, it's you and me only that day :)


When on Lunch or Dinner dates, you can expect me to be properly dressed and ready for a great time.  I'm flexible, I can dress up and behave all fancy or throw on shorts and go for a hike.  I have a wide variety of interests and love to try new things.  I prepare myself mentally as well as physically so I'm in the right state of mind for whatever we have planned :)


Regardless of how you see me, you can expect me to be at my best, properly dressed, well rested and ready for a great time.  Our lives are precious, none of us should spend it doing anything that doesn't make us happy.