Gentlemen, you are NOT wasting my time!!!

06 Jun, 2020

One of the consistant things I've experienced in this hobby over the years is apologies from gentlemen when we can't meet.  The common message is "I'm sorry for wasting your time".  Let me make one thing VERY clear right now:


I still see you as a blessing.  You were interested in spending time with me.  You contacted me and tried to see me. It didn't work out due to screening, schedules, unexpected events, whatever.  I don't care WHY we didn't meet.  You thought enough of me to try to see me. Thank you.


If we can't get you screened today, it doesn't mean we can't accomplish screening in the future, this happens very often.  Things change, we grow, learn and expand. I appreciate those who come back and try again. It's NEVER a waste of my time.


The one ones I won't see are the ones who act like a toddler with a dirty diaper and needs a nap.  On occasion, I've had guys go off on me in some of the most immature ways and even threaten me.  These guys I will NOT try to screen or see in the future.  They are permanently on my "NO" list.  I'm big on respect.  Once I'm shown that someone lowers themselves to disrespect, I'm done.  I won't disrespect anyone, regardless of my personal feelings for them.  I will, if need be, respectfully remove them from my world.


I'm responsible for any conversation or situation I get myself into.  I'm responsible for where I'm at in every aspect of my life.  I expect those who contact me to ask like respctful adults with dignity and maturity, you can expect the same from me.  It's not my job to teach other adults how to conduct themselves as adults.  If someone hasn't figured that out, I'd prefer not to waste my time with an adult who can't act as one, That IS a waste of my time.  I'm really good at ingoring the nouns that aren't good for me or bring me negative enery. Allowing myself to see someone who was previously verbally abusive or threating is an irresponsible decision on my part.


Life is beautiful and I'm not done living it. I'm also not going to live it in negative energy which is why I ignore anyone who can't match my respect and maturity. I'm on this planet to enjoy this blessing we call life, not spend it with those who don't know how to conduct themselves properly.


Please, feel free to ask clean, respectful questions.  If we don't meet for any reason, I'm walking away with no hard feelings.  You did NOT waste my time.  You attempted to see me and that is where my focus goes.  That is what makes me smile :)


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your consideration, regardless if we met or not.