Gifts and Tips

06 Jun, 2020


Every now and then I get asked where to find on my website what I would like for a gift. My website has no such page.  I'm not putting anyone down for doing so, we all do things our own ways within our own belief systems and comfort zone.  This is just MY thoughts on the subject.


When someone chooses to buy me a gift, it means so much more when they do so on their own without being prompted.  The gift itself isn't as important to me as someone deciding on their own to go out of their way to spend their time, effort and money to buy me something not expected.  The thought is priceless.  The actual cost of the gift or what it is doesn't matter.


I'm 44, have done great in the hobby the past 11 years and I have just about every material thing I want.  I'm not rich nor is it important form me to be. I dont care about designer clothes, expensive purses with some dude's name I don't know on it or anythin else.  I'm just not a materialistic person.  What matters to me these days is meeting great people and having a nice time with them. Experiences are so much more important, connecting with someone, learning from them, sharing, and when we go our seperate ways, us both feeling great with happy memories.  This is where the value is and you can't buy it.  


I feel the same way about tips. Like gifts, their appreciated in the same way.  


If I ask for a gift, it just won't have the same meaning.  If I get picky about a gift, it takes the value and specialness away no matter what that gift costs.


I don't think more of someone who buys me a gift or gives me a tip and I certainly don't think less of someone who doesn't.  I care about the person you are and our time together.  Gifts and tips are flattering and appreciated but never expected.  I don't want a gentleman to feel he's obligated to buy me something.  I expect nothing outside of my rate.