Hobby Trends

06 Jun, 2020

There's trends to, fashion, politics, music, almost anything you can think of has trends.  This wonderful hobby is no exception.  In the years I've been in this hobby, I've seen many trends come and go.  Some harmless, some dangerous, some just rediculous, some are great. 


Lately the trends in the hobby haven't been all that good and some are downright dangerous putting many of us in danger.  It seems to have gotten worse since the spring of 2018.  I've mentored many ladies away from these trends, some thought it was the way to do things.  Not even close. They not only become safer, they give better service.


Here are a few trends that I have been watching and completely avoiding.


1. I have never and will never lower my rate, exchange services for or pay for a review.  The people that do this put us all at risk.  In my humble opinion, they have completely bastordized the review system and they are no longer a safety tool.  Every one of my reviews were written by legit clients that have decided on their own to write reviews.  I've never asked for one nor will I. I also no longer use reviews to verify a provider before checking a reference with her.  I've had many clients tell me they no longer use reviews when looking for a legit provider. 

Basically, the review system has weeded out higher end, safe, great clients due to the disohonesty and abuse of the review system.  These guys have lost a safety tool.  I have a handful of regulars that deal with this by checking with me or other providers and hobbiest before they see someone.  I recommend one of the ladies I know well that work on the level I do which does not include the bastorized review system.  The ladies that buy or exchange free or cheap services for reviews do not inprove their business.  They created a chain between themselves and the lower end of the hobby and no longer have access to the higher end clients.

I get offers e mailed to me monthly, sometimes weekly, to pay for reviews.  I get offered to either pay a sum of money up front or give free or discounted services. They say the reviews are written and aren't posted until their approved by me.  If I'm exchanging services, the review gets written BEFORE we meet and we meet AFTER it's posted.


You gotta be cold hearted, ignroant, selfish human being with the will to put other human beings at risk for a few bucks to cooperate with this.


When it comes to the Whitelist or OKs on ANY site, their treated like the review system, read the above verbage again and insert Whitelist or OKs where the word review is.


2. This one is newer...Providers charging for reviews.  I found out this was going on when a gentleman tried to use a provider as a reference.  I messaged her, she didn't respond to me.  She messaged the gentleman and said she'll give him a review after he sends her $100 for doing so.  DO NOT cooperate with this.  No one should pay for a reference and the reference system doesn't need to be bastorized like the review system and whitelists are.  Charging for references is unprofessional and is treating a gentleman that chose to see a provider like a dollar sign.  These are human beings, not dollar signs.  Yes, we're providing a service however, that service is to other sentient beings, treat them as you would want to be treated. Charging for references, which take very little time to begin with, is unprofessional.




3. Lack of screening. Need I say more?  When you choose to provide on the lower end, you're going to get a ton of guys who don't like to cooperate with screening.  This is only the norm on the more dangerous ends of the hobby.  Why any provider would risk her well being and her life by not screening or screening poorly is beyond me.  It seems to be the norm.  Things like meeting in public, social media including LinkedIn, business cards, website handles and Skype are NOT screening.  They do nothing to keep anyone safe.  When I put up an ad on a lower end site (I took it down after 3 hours of non-stop texts and e mails and not one meeting),  I get guys who don't even know what real screening is and are in shock when I send them my screening options. 


Many of my clients choose to see me because I screen well and care about both our safety and well being. No lady is saving herself time or money or staying safe by not investing in better advertising and improving her knowledge. She is, however, chooing to work in a dangerous area of the hobby for peanuts.


4. Dangerous hobby sites.  This ties into number 3 as well.  There has always been lower end websites and there always will be.  Now they out number the good websites.  There's a lot of dangerous garbage out there and certain sites seem to attract it. I leave a site, never to return when:


The site pushes reviews and encourages ladies to lower their rate or see someone for free to get reviews on that site.  These sites seem to harbor the dangerous undesirables, as I noticed when I had my lower end ad up for 3 hours as mentioned above.  Sites like TER had it right.  They weren't perfect however, they never told me to lower my rate or see someone for free in exchange for reviews.  Doing this will create a lower end clientele that uses the review system to their advantage at the expence of the safety of ever other person on that site.  Some of these sites also have their own "screening" systems. No thanks, if you encourage the dangerous act of using reviews in negioations, your "screening" isn't going to be safe.  Most of their "screening" is nothing more than a glorified whitelist which should never be used for screening.


The hobby has grown more and more dangerous and the ones who make it that way seem to breed like rabbits.  It's very important we all arm ourselves with the proper information and make sure we're playing at the higher end of the hobby.  What you may think saves some money can get your hurt or worse.  Lowering rates or giving free servies in exchange for a review will only get you more of the guys that want that.  It will NOT get you the higher end gentlemen that will treat you like gold and never lower you to exchanging anything for a review.


I have notice a coorlation between the quality of client and where he finds his providers.  For example, I get almost no issues from guys that find me on P411, Slixa or Grain Belt News.  My phone and e mail blow up with guys looking for cheap or free services, no screening, car meetings, $80 specials, dangerous acts and don't know how to talk to a lady when I gave Skip the Games, Erotic Monkey and Adult Look a try, hence the ad I took down in 3 hours.


Of course you can find the diamond in the ruff on the lower end sites, lots of ladies start there then step it up as they learn better.  You can also get nonsense on the higher end sites.  However, if I use a lower end site, I'm ASKING for the nonsense.  When I use a higher end site, I'm ASKING for the higher end clientele.  I get maybe, and I mean MAYBE 1 undesireable contacting me in a month with lower end nonsense.  That's a lot less than a solid 3 hours that lead to no meetings.  The website a provider advertises makes a HUGE difference.


5. Word of Mouth - I have a handful of gentlemen that check with me BEFORE contacting a new provider.  If I don't know the girl or feel she's not safe, they don't see her.  A few other providers have claimed to have clients like this as well.  They completely bypass the reveiws system and lower end websites.  I'm not going to know a lower end girl so there's no chance I'll recommend one to one of my clients.  This is a great trend, it's the best answer I can think of as an answer the dangerous changes in the hobby.  This trend I don't avoid, I would like to see it grow.


At the end of the day YOUR safety is YOUR responibility.  Just like when you learn to play a sport, drive a car, buy a house or cook a meal, lack of knowledge can really hurt you, particuarly when it comes to safety.  Don't lose your head just because it's the hobby, learn what you need to.  Choose to be a part of the safety, not the danger.  It's all a choice.