I Have No Competiton

05 Jun, 2020


Competiton causes us to compare.  There's no good in that. There's no place for authenticity.  It's too limiting. 


I don't compete in any part of my life, I don't see the point.  Competition creates seperation and gets me focused on what someone else is doing.  That's time and energy I could be useing to focus on the things I can control...myself.  Competiton creates winners and losers.  I don't believe that concept.  In my world, anyone who is choosing to work every day to be the best person they can is a winner.  It doesn't matter where the next person is on their path, what matters is improvement, effort, attitude, and doing what it takes to step up without hurting or taking from anyone.  Competition will never allow me to be my greatest version, only better than the person I'm competing with.  That doesn't allow for me to grow to my fullest potentinal. I don't like the limited mindset competiton requires. 


As far as the hobby goes, I don't see other ladies as competiton.  I see them as either my allies or neutal.  There's some really great ladies in this hobby that have a lot to offer other ladies and are very generous with thier knowledge and time.  During this last shake up in the hobby, I got some great guidance and infomation from my fellow providers and had the opportunity to share what I know. Some of these ladies I didn't know, I never knew existed until I put up a post or sent an e mail on the advice of another in the hobby. Others I knew. We are all in this together and unity is what keeps us safe, informed and growing.  Lifting each other up and supporting each other only gives us more of what we need.  Competition does not offer this. 


I myself got busy when the shake up happen.  I had ladies contacting me for advice and assistance in adjusting.  I myself was also adjusting.  I met with everyone I could to help lift them up and share what I know.  It feels really good to give someone a tool or advice that resionates with them.  A nice conversation over lunch with a like minded individual is priceless.  The best part to all of this is even though I was meeting ladies who came to me for help, I always walked away learning something myself.  These ladies helped me more than they will ever know. Everyone I meet has a lesson for me.  It may be minor such as a piece of advice or something game changing, it doesn't matter. It's all a blessing.


When it comes to the hobby, I believe there is no safety in competition.  Something that causes us to have "them and us" thinking and ecnourages seperation, keeps us from connecting not only with each other but with ourselves as well. Unity helps to keep us all safe, communicating and sharing info. The Universal Law of Diving Oneness says we are all connected, we are all one.  What we do can effect others and the Universe.  When we realize we are all connected, we make better choices.   


The Universal Law of Cause and Effect are at work here.  Better knowledge can cause us to make better decisions and effect the way we go about things. It can help us imporve ourselves as people, providers and whatever else we choose to be.  There is a cause for every effect and effect for every cause.  There is no such thing as chance.  


The Universal Law of Attraction is at work here a well.  We attract what we are, what we think.  When we adopt a mindset of helping others and lifting others up, that is what will come back to us.  If we compete, see others as a threat or someone or something we need to be better than or somehow out do, that is what comes back to us.  A life of competition, in my openion, is stressful, limiting and keeps from connecting with others.  Why compete?  Where is the prize?  Why would I choose to attract more and more competiton into my life?  That just sounds too stressful and way too limiting. 


The best thing we can do for our own growth is to become better than we were yesterday and lift others up.  Don't participate in competition, that's for those who accept limits in their lives, you can't have competiton without limited thinking.  We need to grow our minds and think beyond competition.  That's where the good stuff is.


I have no competiton, I have allies or those who I see as neutral.  It doesn't matter how they see me, that's their own path.  Competiton has no place in the world of Becca :)