It's the Little Things...

05 Jun, 2020

I take joy and happiness from the little things in life, the things that you can't buy.  In fact, I find shopping quite boring and unatisfying.  I don't define myself by the tag on my clothes or the vehicle I drive. I'm deeper than materical things.  The things I value most in life can't be bought.  I just can't get myself excited about material things.  I have all I need.


What I do cherish are the things you can't buy.  Making someone smile, sharing a wonderful experience, lifting others up.  I get more joy out of helping someone reach something in a grocery store or helping someone carry their groceries into their house.  It raises my vibration and is so real.  The energies, the feelings, their real.  Their not manufactured with a price tag.  Creating these energies serves the greater good.  They never get old, need to be replaced or go out of style. 


Yesterday was Mother's Day.  The overwhelming e mails and texts wishing me a happy Mother's Day put me in such a great mood.  It doesn't matter that I met these people through the hobby.  I don't do labels and I don't judge.  Why would I?  Judgment and happiness don't exist in the same space, I would be hurting myself and putting myself in a bad mood.  No body wants that!!!


What I'm taking from all this gratitude, joy, sincerity, happiness and the desire to keep the momentum going.  So many people took time out of their on Mother's Day to say "Happy Mother's Day" to me.  That means more to me than anything they could buy me.  All of those messages were priceless and I appreciate every on of them.


It's the little things that matter, I am grateful.