05 Jun, 2020

I see Karma as something to be respected and a personal responbility. Karma isn't something we can escape.  Karma doesn't judge, it just gives us what we put out into the Universe.  The hobby is no exception.


It's very important to me to keep my Karma clean.  When it comes to the hobby, I do this in many ways.  My ads respresent me, my pictures are current, me and what you see when I arrive.  I play no games.  I do not misrepresent myself, my looks, what I offer or anything else in my ads.  I'm respectful of other people's homes when I'm in them.  I'm responsible for what I say and how I represent myself.  I see no benefit in misrepresenting myself and, really, I have no reason to.  I want to attract the tye of gentlemen I like to spend time with. Honesty is the only way to do that.


When I answer messages or communicate with another human, I'm respectful and nonjudgemental.  If someone is rude or disrespectful, I respectfully ignore them.  I don't lower myself to an arugement or trying to get the last word or come up with the best comeback. This serves no one.  I simply respectfully ignore those who can't practice the Golden Rule.  I have no time for negative nonsense.  


During my meetings, I'm all about having a great time together, just us two.  A great time brings clean and positibe Karma.  Happiness and Joy are so good for our souls and creating that with another person is an amazing experience.  I love to leave people feeling better than when I arrived.  I'm honest, sincere and respectful of who you are, how you feel and the fact that you set aside time for us to be together. After each meeting, when I leave or right after you leave, I take a moment, breathe and say thank you for the time we just had.  I'm grateful for every person who has chosen to spend their time with me. 


It doesn't matter if it's within the hobby or in personal life, Karma is always at work.  It's something we need to keep clean as much as we can.  How I treat others determines what comes back to me.  Karma doesn't judge and isn't concerned with man made beliefs or ideas of what's right and wrong or good and bad. None of that effects Karma. Karma also doesn't do excuses. How I choose to treat others, regardless of the situation, is also how I choose what comes back to me.  Each person is in full control of their lives and Karma.  It's a personal responbility :)