Messy In call

06 Jun, 2020

We've all see the picture, you know the one.  It's usually a cell phone picture.  The back ground is a mess, clothes, toiletries and food wrappers everywhere.  A dirty toilet in the background. A dirty kitchen that still has last night's used dishes. A smelly ash tray. Over flowed kitty litter box.  You know the picture.


A common complaint is a provider's in call being dirty.  I don't know about you, as far as I go, I can't relax and get comfortable when I'm afraid something might be growing in the laudry pile or I have smell a dirty ash tray, yesterday's dinner or laundry and bath towels that are begining to grow mold.  What is the impression you get when you walk in to a mess like this?  How long do you want to stay? How many qualtiy clients is that going to attract?  How easy is it to relax in someone's mess?


 If a provider doesn't care enough to make sure her place is clean, inviting and smells good, how is she going to expect her business to grow?  How much does she care? How does she feel about herself?  What other parts of the meeting will she slack on? What kind of environment is she OK with her family living in? What is her personal life like that she can't fulfill the basic need of cleaniness.  How clean is she as a person?


I've been told many times thorugh the years that a gentleman won't return to a provider's in call due to the mess. It doesn't take long to clean up after youself and keep a clean place.  I'm not implying OCD-type cleaniness, just clean and tidy.  Give your clients a comfortable place to escape life for a little bit.  Give him the complete experience, a reason to come back.  Show him you take pride in yourself and have enough self love to give yourself a nice, clean place to be.  Show him you're worth the effort and he will appreciate it much more and see you in a better light.


I get compliments on how clean my in call is.  It's not hard to keep it that way.  I clean up after myself, do my regular cleaning and keep odors and mold from growing. I couldn't relax in a mess and I feel dirty when I leave a dirty place myself.  If I can't relax in a mess, I'm not going to expect anyone else to.  It doesn't take that long to keep a clean place.


Bathroom pictures are never flattering, clean or not.


It's the little things that matter.