Naked Dic Pics

06 Jun, 2020





Through the years I have received a ton of dic pics and naked guys pics.  I've never really understood what response the senders were trying to get out of me. Am I supposed to look at a random winkie and think "Hmmm, I gotta see that guy right now!" or "Wow, a naked guy, we'll just skip screening and meet at the local Motel 6"  


What am I supposed to do with all these pictures?  Make a Johnson collage to hang in my bedroom?  Put them in a folder on my computer in order of shape and size?  I normally just delete them.  I just have no idea what the vaule is there.  


There isn't a naked pic that turns me on.  It takes more than that.  It does lower your changes of seeing me, I normally put these guys on my "no" list.  I just can't get myself to be impressed by something so mindless.  Many of my clients are very impressive, they are much more than their willie.


I understand men are visiual however, I am not.  Looks are great however, if that's all you have, it's empty.  There's nothing there.  I want to spend my time with gentlemen that are so much more than thier schlong.  Just like some gentlemen like a complete package, so do I.  


There are a small handful of gentlemen that feel a naked or dic pic should be enough for screening.  I'm not sure where the logic is here.  The ability to stand in frot of your bathroom mirror and take a pic of yourself really doesn't tell me what I need to know for screening.  


Naked and dic pics are creepy.  I want to know YOU.  If I'm creeped out for any reason, I'm not going to see you.  Pecker pics are never neccessary. When I see naked pics and dic pics, I see the picture above...Creepy guy.  Don't be creepy guy.