Out Call Equiette

06 Jun, 2020

Your home is your sanctuary, your place of comfort, your own personal space and should be respected as such by all who enter. You can expect nothing less from me.  What I'm saying here, in my world, is common sense.  From the feed back I'm getting from hobbiest, it's not so common sense in the hobby world.

When I visit someone's home, I have respect for the space I'm in, it doesn't matter if it's in personal or professional life, I will respect another human's home as I would want mine respected.  It starts with thse little things that are just habit for me.  I take off my shoes when I enter. I respect your belongings and  don't touch anything...unless given permission to do so (such as holding a device to look at pictures).  I don't wonder around you house, I stay with you (YOU are why I'm there so that's where my attention stays).  When I use the the facilities, I only do my busines, wash my hands and leave the bathroom.  I'm not snooping through your stuff.  Basically, if it's not my business, I don't concern myself with it. My focus stays on us and our wonderful time together.


I've heard a few stories about odd behavior in a gentlemen's home.  I can't wrap my head around these however, I've heard enough horror stories that I'm going to address them here.


I don't over stay my welcome.  You won't have a hard time getting me to leave when our time is up.  When I visit you, I plan on staying the entire time you've requested.  If I leave early it's because the gentleman I was seeing ended the meeting early.  Unless he askes me to stay later, I leave on time.  I respect what ever he needs while respecting his home.  We all have personal life circumstances and professional life demands, I don't need to know the details of his.  I just need to know what works for him and accomondate, that includes the time he needs us to be together and the time he needs me to leave.


I don't take what doesn't belong to me.  Need I say more?


I drive a nice vehicle that doesn't leak fluids all over your driveway.  I understand the discression most of us require in this hobby and I do my best to respect what you need.  I don't want to leave little pieces of "me" around that could trigger a negative situation for the gentleman that invited me into his home.  When there's snow on the ground, I'll park on the street if needed.  My vehicles are typical and don't draw attention, I blend.  I don't pull in your driveway with loud music or a vehicles that is falling apart and making odd noises.


Unless we planned a dinner date, I don't show up hungry and raid your kitchen or ask you to feed me.  I need to be focused on you and having a mutally enjoyable time together.  I eat before I arrive so I'm not distracted by my own hunger to have a great time with you.  I won't help myself to your kitchen.


I'm a health nut and hold my body and mind in high regard.  I don't lower myself to drugs and I don't get drunk.  You'll never have to worry about me showing up intoxicated and doing disrespectful things.  I'm not going to get myself in a mindset that will make you a babysitter or make me unable to act like a respectful adult. I've never smoked a cigarette in my life, I've never touched hard drugs and I don't drink. You'll never have to worry about me showing up out of my right mind. That's not only disrespectful to your home, it's disrespectful to your time and to you as a person.


The number of complaints I get over the lack of common courtesy is rediculous.  We all know how to respect each other and each other's home.  When in doubt, just ask yourself how you'll feel if something you want to do to another human was done to you.  The Golden Rule didn't get the title "The Golden Rule" for nothing.  It has so much to do with a person's intergrity and shows how they really feel about themselves.  Those who respect themselves respect others.  We're showing who we are by the way we conduct ourselves and our chosen actions.  I will respect your home as I would want mine respected.


Do unto to others as you want them to do unto you.


Have a blessed weekend :)