Personal Responbility

06 Jun, 2020



It's my belief that personal responsibility can make or break a person, personally and professionally.  It's a life skill that so many are lacking but greatly need.


We are all responsible for ourselves, our lives, our state of being.  Blame has nothing to do with it.  We've all been vitimized or screwed over in one way or the other.  It doesn't matter whose to blame or who created the situation.  Blame is useless.  So we find the bad guy.  We point fingers, yell and make sure he gets his punishment.  So what?  We're still personally responsible for ourselves.  Choosing anger and blame isn't personally responsible, it's a chosen state or powerlessness. It resolves nothing within ourselves.  Even if the person to blame admits their fault, it still doesn't take away our personal responbility.


Responsibility means "responding to your ability".  No matter the situation, we are personally responsible for our involvement in it or our choice to leave it all together.  No one is stuck, unless they have a limited belief system that says they are. That is also a choice.  It doesn't matter if it's a bad relationship, life situation, job, school, thought, habit, expectations of others, political BS, whatever.  You always have the power to learn from it and to either make it work for you or leave it behind you enitrely. Nothing can permanently bring you down without your permission.


Making the best our of the worse is alchemy.  


When you realize how powerful your everyday choices are and how much you can grow and learn when practicing personal responbility, you'll reach a whole new level of success, relaxization, peace and ease.  Life flows.  Taking personal responsibility isn't the easy way at first however, it becomes effortless with other parts of your life once you do the work and learn the skills :)  When life gets rough, you're better able to handle it and the rough patches pass quicker with less trauma. 


We've all been victimized in one way.  To remain a victim is a personal choice choice.