Phone Equitte and New Phone Number

06 Jun, 2020

Text messages can be a great way to communicate or a great way to cowardly harass someone.  The choice is yours.  Considering the nature of the hobby, I do get the majority of my undesireable messages via text message.  For some reason, I get a lot less, almost none at all, via e mail. I do find harassing or sending nasty melssages without identity cowardly.  If you're not man (or woman) enough to own your behavior then you're a coward and unable to send a word worth reading.  If you do something for the sole purpose of bothering someone, hurting them or make them feel in any negative and don't own that act, you're a useless coward.  Own your behavior when you think you're all bad ass via text.  Be the bad ass you're pretending to be and own that behavior, otherwise the best point you're getting accross with that behavior is the lack of a man (or woman) card.


I'm well aware of the fact that I can't please everyone and I'm not everyone's cup of tea.  There's nothing I can do to change this nor do I want to.  I'm OK if someone doesn't like me or an aspect of me or how I conduct myself.  To each their own. I don't allow those things to define me, I'm much more than that.  I respect their opinion and leave it alone.  I don't feel the need to hide who I am while sending negative or harassing messages to another human being.  How does that serve anyone?  How does that imporve what YOU think needs improving?  What is acceptable about letting others know you're too closed minded to accept them as they are and you feel they deserve to be treated less than human because they don't fit in your box? There isn't a drop of intelligence, dignity or self respect in this sick, cowardly behavior.  If you don't have what it takes to own your own choices, make a better choice.  Otherwise, you're nothing but a coward contributing nothing to the world.  Who wants to lower themselves to that?


To remedy this nonsense for myself and my clients, I'm making a change.  I will have a new phone number this week and will give it only to those who see me.  I will not advertise this number.  It will be for those who I have screened and know are safe.  For now, my e mail will remain the same.


I'm a part time provider, I don't want to spend time weeding through nonsense looking for the few good messages.  That's exhausting and makes the good guys have to wait longer for a response.  That's not fair to anyone and I don't like to make a respectful human who chose me out of all the options available wait too long.  They deserve better than that from me. 


As a personal rule, I don't answer any message that is rude, disrespectful or harassing.  My ability to ignore is bad ass.  I'll delete a message before reading it or block messages from certain numbers or e mails from getting to me at all. I don't entertain what doesn't interest, grow or serve me.  Simply put, I don't have to take shit from anyone and I don't.  I don't live a life of drama and I'm not entertained by it.  I prefer to shut it down before it grows and keep it from reaching me.