Phones during our meeting

06 Jun, 2020

I'm a bit old school when it comes to cell phones.  I believe as a society we've lost touch with our manners and respect for each other.  It seems too many people have theri noses in their phones and are missing out on so much that life has to offer.  Two of the biggest things I value are relationships and our power to influence the feelings of others.


The idea for this post is coming from me forgetting to turn my ringer off during a meeting.  My phone only rang once and didn't seem to really bother anything about the meeting except me.  I like to have my ringer turned off when I'm with someone.  When my phone rings, it takes me out of the moment for a second.  I don't answer it and I only hear it ring when I forget to turn my ringer off.  


When I'm with you, I'm with YOU, mind, body and soul.  Unless there's a life or death emergency, every one and every thing can wait until our meeting is over.  In the rare occasion that I do leave my ringer on, I won't answer it.  When I'm with you, I'm on YOUR time. I havn't done a survey or anything however, I honetly feel that gentlemen are not interested in me answering my phone on THEIR time. 


I refuse to do anything that I don't enjoy and the hobby is no exception.  I truly enjoy getting to know you, making a connection and creating a meeting that we both can walk away from smiling and happy.  I'm all about good vibes, good memories.  A memory of me talking on my phone isn't one I want you to have.


The last thing I want any client to feel is that he wasn't the number one priority during our time together.  I want him to feel he got great quality, feel good inside and out and allow those good feelings to spill over into other parts of his live.. I'm in a position to add to or take away from someone's life experience.  I choose to add to it and turing my phone off is one easy and effortless way I move toward mutal happiness.


As far as my client's phone being on, it's his time, he can do what he wants.  I'll patiently wait if he needs to use his phone.  Many of my clients need the phone on for work or famly purposes. I don't judge, I just let them do what they need to :)


When it comes to where I don't feel my phone is needed, during my meetings is right up there with the dinner table, family events and next to me while sleeping :)