Racism is Mindless

06 Jun, 2020




We've all see the ads that say "No AA" or "White Men Only" and other things to that effect. To each their own however, you won't ever see such things in my ads.


I don't do racism.  I'm not racist and I don't fight that demon.  I simply don't involve myself in it in any way.  Resistence makes stronger. If I choose to fight racism, I feed it.  Fighting only creates the negative energy it needs to survive.  Racism isn't a natural thing, not what we're put on this planet for.  I believe to change the world, we need to change ourselves.  I don't allow racism in my world and I don't give it attention when it looks my way.  My thoughts and actions do not play well with racism so it can not thrive in my world.


I don't believe skin color tells me a darn thing about a person.  Not one thing.  Their energy does.  I look at it in a logical way.  I don't know every human in any given group so how can I apply a certain trait, attitude, lifestyle, etc. on all of one group when I don't know them all?  I can tell you I don't want to be in the same league as some people with my skin color (I'm not all white).  Some people with the same skin color as me aren't that great, others are awesome and there's everything in between.  None of it has anything to do with me.  How can I look at a Mexican, Canadian, African American, Indian, Native American, etc. and think I know anything about them because of how they look?  That's pure ingorance as far as I'm concerned.  It also eliminates the posibility to get to know some pretty amazing people.  I've been blessed with great people in my life and I'm not willing to give them up over such minor differences that don't make a difference.


There are bad people out there however, eliminating an entire group of people over mindless racist beliefs also eliminates good people and great clients.  The Universe will give me exactly what I asked for and I won't be happy with that choice.  I have wonderful clients that come in a rainbow of colors.  Choosing to be racist would have eliminated the opportunity to get to know these people, spend time with them, learn from them and create wonderful provider/hobbiest relationships.  When I look at what I would have to give up to participate in the ugliness of racism, not one thing looks appealing.  It doesn't serve me, my clients, or the Universe.  It creates negative energy and steals joy and happiness.  It requies a small mind and even smaller intelligence.  There is no benefit in racism.  


We are all on this planet together, we are all earthlings.  Racism only exists in our worlds if we allow it.  In my openion, if I allowed it in my life, I would be lowering myself to something mindless and that doesn't serve me.  It serves no one.  The best way to get rid of suck dark, negative energy is to starve it of attention. Without human attention, it can't possibly live.