Respect for Client's Time

06 Jun, 2020

As a provider, I require respect for my time and I will certainly respect your time. I've noticed that respect is not always practiced when it comes to our client's time.  If you really listen to you clients, what they like, don't like, their experiences and openions, you really learn a lot.  A reaccuring complaint I hear is their time being wasted.  I work with other providers to help them to increase their business or imporve it.  I try my best to help them understand, particuarly the new ones, how to not waste a client's time.


I'm not taking anything away from clients wasting a provider's time, that's just not what I'm blogging about here.


Respect is based on the law of exchange, you have to give it to get it.  You can't walk around being a disrespectful ass and expect respect in return. The Universe doesn't work that way.


When it comes to a client's time, we as providers need to make sure we're repecting their time as we want ours to be respected.  This of course means the basics, be punctual and communicate when that's not possible. This is common courtesy.


How about during the session?


Well, your client is looking for an experience and that's how the time should be spent.  This could mean differnt things for differnt clients.  What this does not mean is you answer your phone (ringer should be off), e mails, etc.  This is HIS time.  Give him all the time you agreed to.  Really enjoy the experience with him. Really, if you don't enjoy the hobby, it's not the place for you.  If you're upbeat and have the mindset that you're going to enjoy your time together, that will rub off on him.  No one wants to be with a Negative Nellie.


Don't dump your stress on him, ask him for favors, bad mouth other clients or providers or be insulting or rude.  I don't think I need to elaborate on this, this should be common sense.


I've heard a few stories where providers didn't leave on time or had a friend/driver/who ever lurking around, and sometimes showing up.  As providers, we want to respect his time as well as ours by leaving on time.  He was expecting to have completed the meeting at a certain time and has a life to get back to.


No gentleman wants to spend his time with you wondering why the same car keeps driving by his home or be surprised by your friend either showing up or arrving with you.  This is not what he had in mind when he chose to see you. Having somene linger like that can bring unwanted attention.  This isn't very discreet and will make him very uncomfortable.  That's not what he's paying for.


If you're not interested in how the client would like to spend his time, don't waste his time by seeing him or repeating the appointment. He will be able to pick up on that.  I see this as dishonest.  If I'm hiring an entertainer, I want them to enjoy their chosen occupation with me. I don't want to be treated like the next in line. It's no fun to be the only one into what you're doing.  He will appreciate your honesty and talk well of you later, that could send more clients your way.  If you know a provider who would enjoy what he's looking for, refer him to her!!!  That's great Karma and only helps out another provider as well as your client. 


Respect is a 2 way street.  Put yourself in the other person's shoes.  Talk to your clients, get to know them and how they like to spend their time with you.  Make adjustments to how you do things if you begin to hear the same complaints over and over again.  Be flexible and change with the tides.  


Respect isn't a hard thing to give.