Screening SItes...Use With Caution

06 Jun, 2020



Lately I'm seeing a lot of websites that offer screening thorugh thier sites and whitelists.  These sites mean well and they have a nice idea however, I use them in additon to my own screening, never as a subsitiute.  I will never use that type of screening alone, other methods will always be used.  Recently I had a gentleman get very upset with me because I wouldn't see him on a handle and on an advertising site that offers a list of his references.  (This was NOT P411)  This is a good start however, it does NOT give me enough info through screening to feel safe seeing you.  


I don't know what kind of "screening", if any a website does.  White lists are grossly abused, a large number of the gentlemen on there didn't even see the ladies that whitelisted them.  There are laides out there that will whitelist gentlemen they never seen in exchange for a good review or a few bucks.  I'll look at a whitelist however, I'm not nieve enough to see someone simply because he's whitelisted.  I've been offered good reviews and money to whitelist someone I've never seen.  Doing so will cost me my dignity.  I won't ever risk the safety of others for a measly review or a few dollars.  


I never see someone simply because some website says they screened them.  I have no idea what this "screening" consists of.  I practice personal responbility when it comes to my own well being. Depending on some site to throughly screen for me and I do no other screening is just nieve and lazy.  The new sites in particular offering screening just don't get my trust.  Some of them are great sites, just not good for screening.  


There are a few sites I use becasue their screening sites, not a new site trying to do and be everything.  However, I still do my own screening.  P411 is great.  I do other screening in additon to P411.  RS-AVS is also awesome however, I do other screening in additon to them.  These 2 sites are the only ones whose screening I take seriously besides the blacklists and I still do additional screening.  


Website handles are easily faked and I've came accross quite a few gentlemen who have multiple handles on the same site.  It's not hard to get on most sites. The easier the hobby site is to get on, the less reliable it is.  If you're on a site that is OK with just a handle and nothing else, chances are the screening part of that site is useless.  Reviews and whitelists are often fake, exchanged for free services or a lower rate or used for blackmail.


There are too many tools out there for providers to be able to properly screen that none of us need to accept the higher risk of seeing someone on a handle and some website's screening.  The risk is just too great.  I have a life to live, I deserve to do whatever screening I see neccessary for my own well being. 


I understand this isn't the level of safety many hobbiest play one. As mentioned above, I had someone upset with me because I wouldn't see him on a handle and references on a website alone (not P411).  He felt that since I'm on that site, their screening should be enough and no additional info is needed.  How am I supposed to know that handle belongs to him, he's safe and he actually saw those ladies? Even P411 had ladies giving OKs without ever meeting the guy. This isn't P411's fault or any website's fault.  I know P411 takes action when they relaize this is being done, not all websites do.  I notice some of the newer sites that offer screening have a larger number of guys that are blacklisted on them.  This makes me wonder what "screening" are they doing when a simple blacklist search will reveal these guys as dangerous. 


The bottome line is screening and my safety are my personal responbility and it's my job to do as I see fit to protect myself.  If that upsets someone, so be it.  At the end of the day, I have a life to live and I'm not willing to risk that for any reason.