The Practice of Non-Judgment

06 Jun, 2020

I'm all about personal growth, improvements and becoming the best version of myself.  I believe we're all presonally responisible for ourselves in every way, including the type of person we are.  One of the things I feel strongly about is being a nonjudgmental person.  This didn't come quickly or easily however, I managed to achieve it.  It's a mindset that brings better energy, feelings, relationships, and makes life better.  It's one of my best accomplishments.


To be honest, the hardest thing to stop judging was myself.  I was so self critical in an unhealthy way.  It served no one and didn't make me happy either.  It created an energy around me that made me not want to be in my own presence.  I certainly didn't want to do that to anyone else or to myself so I got to work addressing that issue.  I kicked it's butt and life is better as well as the people in it.  This makes living as a Buddhist, there's no longer a gap between my beliefs and my thoughts and actions.  If I'm going to claim to be something, I need to be it.


When I say non-judgment, I mean NON-judgment.  It's a mindset, a way of living.  I don't judge anyone.  I do, however, use discernment.  If someone brings out drugs during a session, I'm not going to judge them.  To each their own.  I'm going to immediately leave because that kind of thing doesn't belong in my world or anywhere near me.  I won't think bad of them, that will only bring negative energy to me. 


I stongly belive in REAL freedom.  When you judge someone, you don't believe in freedom, you believe in conformity.  We all live our freedom differently.  As long as no one is getting hurt (offending someone is OK, you can't do that without their permission and them externailizin their power to you), there isn't a wrong way to live your freedom.