Thoughtful Gifts

06 Jun, 2020



My whole attitude towards gifts is the same attitude I take with reviews:  I never ask for them, this, for me, puts an element of "fake" into the situation and I don't do "fake".  I have no list on my website telling you what to get me, I don't find that very classy and I don't see my cleints as a source of gifts.  If anyone is going to give me a gift, I want it to be from their own free will, their own idea.  This is where the value is for me.  I don't care about the mointary value of the gift, it's the thought that really resoniates with me.


A few things that stick out in my mind:



A gentleman who read my blog got me a gift card to a health food store near me.  


A few gentlemen got me gift cards based on our previous conversations to stores that carry the organic foods I like to eat.


Another gentleman got me a biker shirt in my favorite color.


Another gentleman printed out some great info on hiking trails in a certain area. 


A few others gave me gift cards to vegan restaurants.


One guy gave me a candle holder made out of selenite.


I've got flowers on a few occasions.


I've been given other thoughtful gifts as well.  


How thoughtful is all of this???  


I can honetly say it's the thought that counts.  The feeling I get when someone gives me a gift that's picked out with who I am in mind is priceless.  It doesn't matter the cost, I honestly don't care.  Someone taking the time to get to know me enough to buy a gift that's for me as a person is something I'll always be grateful for.  


Gifts are never expected or asked for from me, they are a bonus.  I'm grateful for everyone who took the time to get to know me and buy me a gift.  You can't put a price on that.