Up Selling

06 Jun, 2020

Up selling is a common practice in the hobby and not one I'm very fond of.  I've listened to clients for many years now and upselling is often either a deal breaker or the reason he doesn't repeat.  No one likes to be treated like an ATM.  The gentlemen who choose to see YOU over the endless number of providers available deserves to be treated better and with much more respect.


The hobby is for enjoyment, on both parts.  If you're not enjoying your time, the hobby isn't for you and you need to either step it up or get out...that goes for provider or client. How enjoyable is it to stop the flow of the meeting to be asked for more funds or to have to choose what you want and pay for it and give up the natural flow of things?  Honestly, that would take away any intersted I had in the meeting.   


I find having the type of meeting I enjoy is what clients enjoy themselves. Relaxed in a clean and discreet enviroment, present with each other, sincerely and genually enjoy each other without restrictions or the client worring about what's included.  What should be included are the things the provider enjoys. You'll attract the right kind of clients by being yourself.  I don't do fake so if I'm not into something, we don't go there.  Being genuinie and respectful of yourself will show through your service, so will being fake just to make a buck.


The only time the donation should be thought of  is when the client arrives and puts the donation down.  Besides a gracious "thank you", that's all the time that should be spent on the donation.  The rest of the time is for mutual enjoyment.


I understand the thought process in upselling - "Get the guy there with a cheap rate, get his money and ask for more if he wants what he thought he already paid for"  This is dishonest and manipulative.  I didn't earn a reputation for being honest and straight with my clients by accident.  I earned it by being honest and straight.  Up selling isn't either. You may make a few extra bucks on that one meeting however, after experiencing ladies who don't upsell and not getting what he paid for in the first place, he's not going to come back for more up selling.   You're actully making less money and working harder to get more new clients, and scamming them.  I gurantee I work a lot less, less harder and safer than ladies who can't create a nice regular base due to their upselling. 


When a client sees me, the last thing we discuss is the donation.  We leave all businss at the door and just settle into being the people we are, get to know each other and go home happy.  I will never ask for more than the donation and I deliver as expected. My clients are NOT ATM machines, their humans and deserve to be treated as such.