What do I do on Travel Dates? Requested Blog Post

06 Jun, 2020

I'm writing this on request of a client and in response to the many, many questions I get about my travel dates.  This should answer some common questions and concerns however, if you have a question or concern this does not answer, you're welcome to e mail me :)


I'm available to travel to meet you with in the United States.  I don't travel abroad as of right now.


I understand that other ladies my do things a bit differently, we all do our own thing.  I do things in a way that keeps me safe and relaxed and caters to what you're looking for without some of the headaches that could be had.


I make all my own travel arrangements which means you don't have to worry about finding me lodging and travel and getting me around.  I do all of that.  I get myself to where we agree to meet without any work on your end.  I arrive a day early so I have time to recoup from the travel and be my best in body, mind and spirit when we meet.


When I'm in town, I'm in town for YOU which means I'm seeing no one else. 


I will be porperly dressed for what we have planned. I don't drink or do drugs, I'll always be sober and ready for a great time.  I'm an educated, intelligent lady who takes pride in who she is.  You can expect me to condust myself as such.


I'm in this for the experience, this is  something we have in common.  I do what I enjoy and I respect you and your time enough to not accept a travel date if it includes something I won't ennjoy.  Enjoyment is a mutual experience and I would rather not do something I don't enjoy than to fake it.  That's just lieing to you and not what you're looking for. 


I will never share names or personal info.  Here are a few experiences I've had with all personal info removed:


A.  Staying in town so we can meet as our schedule allows is a popular one.  I come in for a day or longer and meet you as your schedule allows.  Need to squeese me between meetings?  Need to only meet after work or in the morning before you start you day?  No problem!!  All I need is to know when to be back or any other meeting place as I like to go out on my down time.


B.  Hanging out all day is always fun.  The list of things we can do all day is endless!!   Just a few things I've done on all day dates are amusement parks, concerts, fairs, walking around the city and checking things out, museums, date for daytime events, theater and lunch, fancy schmancy dinner, casual dinner, staying in and chilling, ordering in food, I can  go on for quite a long time!!  I can enjoy myself anywhere.  I just need to know where we're going so I can be properly dressed.


C.  I can meet you on a get away.  Need a date in Vegas for part or all of your stay?  Want a beach buddy? Want to have dinner one night your on vacation?  Need a buddy for your entire vacation?  I can meet you on your travels, stay for a little bit, for your entire vacation or any measure of time in between.


D.  Are you in an area where a date is hard to find?  Just want a few hours?  I can accomondate that!!


I'm flexible and don't mind accomondating you.  I'm experienced enough to cater to what you're looking for in a way we both enjoy.  I'm trustworth and honest, you'll never get games out of me.  I show up when and where planned.   


Here are a comments I've had about my travel dates:


"Thank you for a great experience, I haven't had that much fun on a date in years"  -  Recently divorced client


"Great time, we'll have to do it again!" -  Client on our third travel date


"Thank you for working with my crazy schedule"  -  Client whose schedule didn't allow him to give me a solid time


"You made me feel amazing"  -  Client that was nervous at first but relaxed later


"Thank you for treating me so nice"  -  Client who had bad experiences


I hope this cleared up questions.  I'm happy to answer more questions privately.