What does it mean to be "discreet"?

06 Jun, 2020

Discreet is a word we all see in the hobby.  We see it mentioned in forum posts, personal e mails and in provider ads.  I've been known to put that word in ads myself.  It all sounds good however, what exactly does it mean to be "discreet"?


I can't speak for other providers however, I can tell you what I mean when I tell you I'm discreet. 


1. What happens between us stays between us.  I don't talk about you or our time together.  I've earned the trust of my clients and I would never violate that trust.


2. My in call locations are clean and upscale.  I'm very low volume so there is never a number of clients before you that know where we're meeting. I switch locations often and I'm very low volume.


3. I don't save or share your screening info.  Afeter I complete the screening I have no reason to keep any of your info.  I delete everything.  I don't want to be responsible for someone else's information.  


4. I behave myself.  I do anything that will draw unwanted attention.


5. When I come to you, I'm properly dressed and behave myself as to now draw unwanted attention.


6. I will never contact you unless ask to.  I'm not interested in causing possible problems for anyone.  


Your comfort is just as important as mine. If we can't have trust and discression, niether one of us can completely relax and enjoy our time together.