What I mean when I say I'm 'low volume"

06 Jun, 2020


We see the phrase "low volume" in a lot of provider ads. I've even been asked by my potentional clients if I'm "low volume".  I always say yes, however, one person's idea of being low volume may not be the same at the next person's.  


So...when I say I'm low volume, what do I mean and how is that different from other providers?


Well, I can't speak for other providers and I never speak negatively about them (unless someone is dangerous) however, I can speak for myself. When I say I'm low volume when not touring, I have 1 meeting a day, 2 to 3 times a week. That's it. When on tour, I will have 1 meeting in the morning/afternoon and 1 in the evening.  They are hours apart.  


I do nothing I don't enjoy and the hobby is not exception.  If I were high volume, I would't be at my best, my energy would be low and I wouldn't enjoy what I do. I wouldn't feel fresh, clean and ready for a great time.  That just takes away from my quality of life. As a client, you work hard for your money and deserve the best. I like to be at my best...freshly showered, in a good minset, exercise and good food before our meeting, high energy, alert and ready for a great time.  I want you to feel you got good quality for your money.  The only way to truly achieve this is to be good quality.  


As much as I want you to walk away feeling like you had a great time and got your money's worth, I want to walk away feeling like I had a great time also.  If this ever stops being fun, I will stop doing it.  I love the feeling after a meeting...graditude, relaxed, happy, often doing web searches because something during our conversation caught my interest.  I don't know how many times I've walked away from a meeting feeling like I learned or realized something.  I keep an open mind and don't judge. Judgement stops growth. 


In my world, low volume brings higher quality.  This is why I don't offer 15 minute or half hour meetings.  The service I provide can't be done in such a short period of time.  Some things are just more important than the money.  Growth, respect, happiness and doing what we enjoy are just a few. 


There is no escape from Karma.  Karma doesn't judge or care about what man made nonsense is said or believed.  Karma simply gives us what we are.  If I did't give the best experience I can to those who so kindly choose to see me, that could back to me in other ways besides not having repeat clients.  


Low volume works the best for me :)