When I Mean by "Love Volume", "100% Independent", "Organic Reviews" and "No Drugs, Games or Drama"

06 Jun, 2020

We see all sorts of words, sayings and calims in ads.  It's no secret that there may not be honesty behind those claims or what one person thinks a claim means could be a totally different meaning for another person.  I've been asked a few times what I mean by certain claims.  There's even been the gentleman that has been so jaded by low quality entertainers he's chosen to see that he thinks we all lie and feels the need to tell me about it.  If you think I'm dishonest in anything I do or say, it's best we part now.  I don't invite the energy of dishonesty, games and drama into my existence.


The most common claim I make in my ads is "Low Volume".  What does that even mean?  Well, I can't speak for others, I can only tell you what I mean by that.  When I say I'm low volume, I mean I'm a part time entertainer.  I see 1 to 3 people a week and never more than 1 day.  NEVER.  This is a personal preference as I don't feel I'm at my best if I have a second meeting in one day.  I respect those who choose to see me by being at my best in mind, body and spirit.  I truly enjoy what I do and I'm not going to muck it up with doing more than is healthy for me.  I'm not desperate for income, I'm responsible, sober and have my life together.  I have the freedom to be choosey and low volume as I'm not motivated by any desperate situation.  I don't do desperate situations.


M claim of "100% Independent" is what allows me to be low volume and choosey about who I see.  I'm a one woman show, I work with no one else, no other entertainers, no manager, no boyfriend, no one.  I write all my ads, drive myself to meetings, answer my own messages, everything is done by me and only me. You will communicate with me and only me.  I see no need to work with someone else. I'm independent in personal life as well, it's just who I am.


Now, what the hell are "Organic Reviews"?  I've been in this hobby longer than most and I've seen many changes through the years.  I do my best to stay away from the lower end, there's nothing of quality, safety or happiness there. Due to the acceptance of lower end, dangerous behavior, the review system has been basterized.  What was once a safety tool is now a threat to all our safety.  It's common place for reviews to be bought and sold, bartered for and approved by the entertainer BEFORE being posted.  This eliminates any safety and knowledge about the entertainer.  You have no idea of an entertainer's services, safety, attitude, nothing.  All a gentleman gets is the  persona the entertainer paid for.  You can't get anymore dishonest and dangerous than that. 


I have reveiws dating back to 2007 on TER, I've never ask for a review, bartered for a review, gave free services or paid for a review.  I've been offered fake reviews and exchange for money, free or discounted services when I gave lower end, dangerous sites a try.  What a dangerous, unintelligent, sickeneing experience that was.  3 solid hours of texts and emails of all garbage, not one prospect.  I understand others prefer this end of the hobby, you won't find me there.  My reviews are organic, solid and will give you an honest, non fucked with idea of me.  My self respect and dignity will not allow me to sink to that level and do such dishonest things just to make a buck.  It fucks up the Karma.


It's not possible to build a business on dishonesty and expect abundance, prosperity and growth.  Dishonesty does not exist in the same space as those things.


On to the last claim I make "No Drama, Games or Drugs".  I don't live a life that includes drama, games or drugs so it's easy to not bring them to our meeting.  I don't do drama, in personal life or the hobby.  I prefer a quiet, peaceful  life.  You'll never see me arguing on forums or with anyone in the hobby.  I'll walk away from any argument.  It's just not important to me that people belive me, agree me or even like me.  I just be me down to my core and that brings the right people my way.  Drama is just unneccessary stress that encourages disease.  When I say I don't do drama, it means I don't do drama.  I prefer peace and happiness.


As far as games, I don't play them. I don't try to get more funds than we agreed on, I don't threaten you or steal from you.  I don't harass you after our meeting.  I don't lie.  I don't put on a persona or pretend to be someone I'm not. I simply don't play games, I don't like the Karma that brings.


As far as drugs...I don't do them, I've never done them and I have no desisre to have them in any part of my life.  I've never even smoked a cigarette.  Drugs have never been something I want to deal with.  Not only do I not do drugs, I don't see those who do.  Drugs are an evil demon, addiction is the responsibilty of the person who chose to do the drugs and get addicted.  I pray for these people as that's a tough demon to conquor.  I have compassion and love for them.  I also know to stay away from all that mess, there's no good there for me. As far as alcohol, I'm not a drinker, it just never appealed to me.  I don't mind if the person I'm enjoying time with has a few as long as thier responsible.  I don't enjoy babysitting a drunk.  I'm not a party girl, I bring more class, intelligence and authencitity than that.


These are the most common asked about and commented on claimes I put in my ads.  I hope I've cleared up what I mean by them.  If there is anything you'd like me to blog about, send me an email.  I like to blog about things that you're interested in :)


Love and Light