Why I Don't Offer Short Meetings

06 Jun, 2020

Once in a while, ususally when I advertise on certain sites, I get the request for 15 minute or half hour apointments or an hour in call.  I'm not judging those who want those, to each their own.  I simply don't offer them, withouth judgement to those who do. I often get asked why I don't offer these by both gentlemen and ladies. 


That's a loaded question.  There are a few reasons I don't offer those:


1. I simply don't enjoy them.  I want to walk away from a meeting feeling great as much as I want you to do the same.  My focus is on mutual pleasure which means my mindset is on BOTH of us having a good time.  If I don't enjoy something, don't do it.  Life is all about enjoyment, that's what we're on this planet to do.  I intend to live the best, most enjoyable life I can, both in and out side the hobby.


2. The service I provide can't be done in 15 minutes or a half hour.  I also strongly dislike, and I mean STRONGLY DISLIKE watching the clock.  I don't care if it's personal or hobby, I don't enjoy staring at the clock.  I don't live my life in a rush so I'm not going to create a situation in which I have to rush. 


3. I'm a part time entertainer, I have only 1 meeting a day a few times a week, even when I'm on tour.  It makes no business sense to offer such short meetings and have to spend my time seeing multiple people in a day just to cover my expenses. To offer 15 minute and half hour meetings, I would have to entertain full time, see more than one person a day and lower the quality of what I offer.  My time is too precious for that and I'm not low quality in any sense of the term.  


4. I do offer the hour for out call only near me. I'll drive up to 30 minutes each way for an hour meeting, if you host.   I get in call as needed, I don't keep them.  It makes no business sense to offer hour in calls the way I do things.  I would, once again, have to become a full time entertainer and have more than one meeting a day. Ew.


5. This isn't a reason but an observation:


I tried the lower quality sites, most of the time before realizing their low quality.  I've learned not to use brand new sites right away but to give them time and see how they grow.  I did learn lessons.  In general, 15 minute and half hour guys are less cooperative with screening, many never heard of it.  They want to talk to me like I'm a lower life form. They want to discuss inapproite things.  I've been asked to meet in some shady places, go to shady hotel and homes or have a "car date". They often haggle and get verbally abusive and threatening when I don't give them what they want.  Their higher risk as they don't know the equitte and safety portocalls that most gentlemen do.  Their not careful with their own safety so I can't expect them to careful with mine. 


Please understand that some gentlemen simply don't know better or only have enough funds or time for a shorter meeting.  I'm not referring to them above.  They are a small percentage of who asks for those types of meetings.  I'm not at all targeting them here. I'm talking about the other 90%.


We all choose the level of risk to take in the hobby and how often we want to hobby.  I chose low risk, high quality.  I understand that I'm not for everyone and that's OK.  That's a beautiful thing about this hobby.  We all choose how much risk we take, how safe we want to be and how often we hobby.  


For every gentleman I turn down, there are a ton of girls that will see them.  That's also a beautiul thing.  Gentlemen have choices too :)