About Me






Hi!! I'm Elite Courtesan Becca Bodhi.  


The mind and body are connected so I live a life the nurishes them both.  My athletic, vegan, holisitc, organic lifestyle keeps me in effortless, natural great shape.  I love the feeling of a strong, toned, healthy and balanced body.  My hair is long and naturally blonde, my skin is soft and smooth, eyes very seductive and alluring.  As a result of my lifestyle choices, my body is effortlessly toned with curves in all the right places.  My energy level is always high and my mood is playful; I have a light hearted sense of homor.


I love the life I live and spend as much time living it as possible.  I enjoy the out doors and hike as much as I can.  I love being near the ocean or any body of water.  I travel often, I love seeing new places and visiting some of my favorites. Museums, concerts and good food are my favorite indoor activities when the weather doesn't cooperate.  Being near the water on a sunny day with a good book or meditation tape really puts me in a great mindset.  Music during a warm evening near the water is paradise. 


I love meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and ways of being and really enjoying the human essence.  There's so much to see, do and learn.  I have an open mind and a spirit to live, learn and truly live the life I enjoy as well as bring positive experiences to others :)

















Name: Becca Bodhi
Main City: Milwaukee, WI