Touring UTR

My UTR tours are getting more and more popular every day.  This is a blessing, I love touring UTR and want to do more of it.  When I travel UTR, I don't have ads up so the only ones that know I'm in town are me and a very small number of people who either have seen me or are screened. This is not only safer, it's also more discreet. 


I send out e mails at least a month before my ads go up.  You get prime pick of my time.  If I get one meeting a day on the calendar during my visit, I won't put up ads at all.  This leves me enough "me" time :) My goal is one meeting a day.  I'm a very low volume provider. One meeting a day allows me to be present mind, body and soul and have a mutually enjoyable experience. 


To receive these e mails you must have either seen me or have been screened by me.  Please send me your name, e mail, city or town and screenng info if you are a new friend. I will only send these e mails when I'm going to tour, I will send you nothing else and I will never share your info.  I delete all your screening info and save your e mail only.  All e mail addresses are stored on an off shore server.


If you would like to see me UTR, please fill out my screening form.  You must either have seen me or have been screened by me to know when I'm touring UTR. Be sure to include your e mail, that's how I'll let you know I'm in town.  You will only receive these e mails when I'm touring UTR the city or cities you would like to see me in. 


I'm transistionig into the UTR world.  As time passes, I will have less and less ads up :)


If my tour is booked, if you like, I can let you know if I have a cancellation.